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tv   Journal  LINKTV  June 5, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to the "journal" coming to you live from dw here in berlin. >> it's good to have you with us. here's what's coming up in the show -- u.s. president barack obama issues a one-month ultimatum to russia. >> and historic first and uncharted territory. the european central bank cuts its key interest rate to an historic low, putting them in negative territory. >> israel greenlight the building of hundreds of new homes for jewish settlers in the west bank, putting it at odds with its closest allies.
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>> president barack obama and the british prime minister, david cameron, have laid down a new deadline for russia, giving moscow a month to meet their conditions in ukraine or face new sanctions. >> president vladimir putin did not immediately respond to the new conditions. the high level of violence in eastern ukraine is dominating the high-level meetings in brussels, paris, and normandy, aimed at reconciling russia and ukraine. >> at the end of two days of discussions, g7 leaders announced a common set of demands for russia. u.s. president barack obama issued a clear warning. >> if russia's provocations continue, it's clear from our discussions here that the g7 nations are ready to impose
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additional costs on russia. >> that means tougher economic sanctions, which could be imposed in the coming three weeks, and while the leaders made an effort to show a united front, it's also clear they are worried about protecting individual economic interest. paris, for instance, does not wish to postpone delivery of warships a french company has built for russia's navy. >> i recognize that the jobs in france are important. i think it would have been preferable to press the pause button. >> the leaders did not address when or whether russia might be invited back into the group. >> we have managed the group of seven, and, frankly, our agenda was so full that we did not get to that. >> other leaders headed to paris to mark the 70th anniversary of d-day in rants and meet with russian president vladimir putin
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. >> let's go now live to paris and bring in our correspondent, who is standing by there. first off, the d-day commemorations were meant to bring together old allies in a warm environment, but vladimir putin has just been handed an ultimatum. what's the mood? >> [indiscernible] >> ok, we are having problems with that line. we are going to have to leave it there. we will see if we can get you back later in the program, but ask for that for now from paris. -- thanks for that for now from paris. >> chancellor merkel and ukraine posner president will both be in france tomorrow for the big d-day ceremony -- ukraine's new president will both be in france tomorrow for the big d-day ceremony.
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germany said it is ready to help poroshenko tackle the problems it faces, but she said ukraine will also need russia's support. poroshenko said he hoped moscow understood that its actions in ukraine are harmful to both sides. is germany now emerging as the region's new bridgebuilder? we are going to john for more on that. germany is redoubling its diplomatic efforts on ukraine right now. what is it prepared to do to help kiev? >> angela merkel is emerging, in the words of the german newsmagazine, as europe's top diplomat. she on the one hand has supported the g7 demands that russia should withdraw its troops from the ukrainian border , that it should recognize the new ukrainian government, and it should stop supporting the separatists in eastern ukraine.
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on the other hand, while america, for example, has been shunning moscow, president obama refusing to talk to president putin, angela merkel, it seems, has been telephoning and calling moscow. she is trusted, i think, to a large extent by vladimir putin. she has a certain advantage as a diplomat in this. she is the only one of the g7 leaders who speaks fluent russian. she does not require an interpreter. that is very useful. it makes the conversations then presumably more precise and possibly more personal. >> talk about the more personal aspect, john. what comes next? will be chancellor be sitting down with the russian president? >> yes, she will. she will be meeting him tomorrow. interestingly enough, the announcement was made by moscow, not by berlin. she will be meeting him and normandy ahead of the normandy commemorations.
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she will be trying to persuade him, of course, to accept the g7 demands. she on the other hand will also be quite welcoming towards him and that she has said that she does not support the sanctions that president obama is calling for unless talks fail. >> one more question before we go -- where does it go from now after these talks? could we see a conference at some point? >> i think this is only the first step perhaps towards a diplomatic solution, but it is an important one. russia is already showingpmovem. ambassador will be sent back to kiev, and president putin has announced he would be attending the swearing-in of president designate poroshenko. >> thanks for those updates. the g7 leaders will tomorrow be moving on to normandy, as we have been discussing, on the
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west coast of france, where they will be taking part in ceremonies to mark the d-day arrival. >> many nations were involved in the invasion that signaled the beginning of the end of nazi germany. we'll be broadcasting the assembly live tomorrow. >> today, we have this report on one of the polish veterans on a battle to liberate normandy and then the rest of europe. >> the 95 euros off and thinks back to his days on the western front. he was 24 when he joined a polish armored division. he was sent to britain to help liberate northern france, but when the allies landed in normandy, his division had to stay behind to wait for equipment from the u.s. >> when the first troops arrived in france, we were really envious. we had spent a lot of time
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training for that operation, so we were keen to join the allies in normandy as soon as possible, and they were waiting for us, too. our division was supposed to be on the front line and move things forward quickly. >> the polish division reached france at the end of july. they had the crucial role of closing off an escape route for german soldiers. after three days and nights of intense fighting, they succeeded. thousands of german soldiers were surrounded by allied forces. >> when we were given the command to fire, i looked down the hill and saw endless numbers of german soldiers. please forgive me. i don't really want to talk about it. we just shot into the masses. there were masses of germans. >> he will be attending this years commemorations in normandy
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where he hopes to meet with both former friends and foes. >> i would be happy to meet german veterans there as well. i don't believe in living in the past. we must not forget. but we need to look to the future, too. i will shake hands with the germans and wish them all the best. >> at the age of 95, he will be the oldest veteran from poland. he will return to the scene of his worst battle, an area he now hopes will be a place of reconciliation. >> we are going to turn to some economic news now. the european central bank has rolled out an unprecedented package of measures, including negative interest rates, in its fight to head off deflation in the eurozone. >> in doing so, the ecb entered uncharted waters, taking one of its key interest rates into negative territory for the first
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time. >> this means that banks will actually be charged for parking runs at the ecb, in the hope that they will instead lend those funds onto businesses and consumers. >> the news that markets soaring, but for those on fixed income or trying to save for the future, this move is a real blow. >> it was the most anticipated announcement by the european central bank in years. interest rates cut to historic lows and a negative deposit rate for banks. ecb president mario draghi says he is aware changes may not be popular for those with savings or other investments. >> these are people who signed assurance policies with insurance companies, and they see the value of these insurance policies going down. these concerns are serious. here, the answer is that interest rates will go up. will go up when the recovery will come back.
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when growth will come back. >> for now, money is cheaper than ever. to encourage lending, institutions will now be charged for parking their money with the central bank. drug he also announced a four-year 400 billion euro program to encourage banks to increase commercial lending. the moves are designed to encourage growth in struggling euro zone economies. >> as regards structural reforms, important steps have been taken to increase the competitiveness and adjustment capacity of labor and product markets, although progress has been uneven and is far from complete. >> druggie did not rule out taking further unconventional steps if deflationary pressures increase. >> there's big news -- this negative interest rate for the eurozone sent germany's dax to a record high on thursday. our correspondent has more from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> only a few seconds after
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mario draghi announced the combination of measures that the european central bank plans to introduce, the german stock index dax climbed above 10,000 points for the very first time, so a little optimism was far tear on the trading floor. on the other hand, there were also skeptics. for example, that negative deposit rate that banks will have to pay to the central bank if they park money there -- very few people think that this will really encourage lending in the eurozone. >> the dax in frankfurt climbed .2% to hit 9947. the euro stoxx 50's value, meanwhile, grew a full percent over new york. the dow jones industrial average is up by a bit more than .5%.
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the euro is trading up against the dollar, $1.3655. one economy in the eurozone still in need of a major boost is italy. the prime minister promises what he calls to unblock italy, with a series of new reforms designed to boost productivity and investment. >> will he be able to deliver? let's look at some of the challenges he is facing. >> ducati motorbikes from bologna are a much loved and successful brand, but the company is having difficulty. german carmaker audi took ducati over two years ago. now it wants to lower costs and hike sales. that means a seven-day week, but ducati workers and their powerful union are having none of that. they are striking, even the similar policies have turned companies around elsewhere. investors are critical about doing business in italy, citing the country's high production
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costs and it's high energy costs. they also complain about excessive red tape. the new government wants to drive through major reforms. corporation tax is going down by 10%, and the state says it will start paying suppliers and servicers bills on time. they total 80 billion euros today, and late payments have already driven many companies into bankruptcy. >> in london, hundreds of people have been evacuated from western europe's tallest building, nicknamed the shard, after smoke began billowing from the basement. >> authorities have yet to determine the source of that smoke. police say there were no reports of any injuries. the 87-story skyscraper opened in 2012 and houses several major companies including the broadcaster al jazeera. >> we are getting set to take a short break, but when we come back, we will bring you the latest in the spying and surveillance route between germany and the u.s.
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>> and a major german book prize goes to one of the pioneers of the digital age. stay with us for that. >> welcome back. today marks one year since edward snowden unveiled the fast gale of u.s. spying on people around the world. as well as on leaders of friendly nations. washington is still dealing with the fallout. >> the u.s. state department has expressed disappointment with the news that germany has launched a formal investigation into the revelations of nsa spying, including chancellor angela merkel's mobile phone. a spokeswoman in washington says germany should trust in diplomatic channels to resolve the issue instead. the revelations from edward snowden strained relations between berlin and washington last year. they continue to do so.
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chancellor's office says it had no influence on the federal prosecutor's decision. let's crossover now live to washington and the dpa correspondent. first off, what has been the response to the investigation in washington and the prospect of criminal indictments against u.s. spies? >> well, we must say that the response to this investigation has been remarkably calm. president barack obama posta pd national security adviser just said yesterday that he would prefer if there was a direct line of communication and not such an investigation, but he said, "we believe we have an open line and good communication ." he said this yesterday on board air force one on the way to europe. so it seems that there has not been such an outrage or such criticism against this investigation as it seemed, and
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part of it is maybe that german chancellor angela merkel it seemed almost was defending obama when she tried to stop an attempt by the german bundestag to invite whistleblower edward snowden as witness, so it seems almost that she was aligned with obama here, and maybe that's why there has not been such a major outcry against his investigation. >> germany has indicated it wants to solve this ghetto by becoming part of what is known as the five guys agreement, the intelligence sharing treaty that includes the u.s., the u.k., canada, australia, new zealand. could that be a way out of this? >> well, certainly, it could be, but we must say also that the u.s. government is taking this step by step. we have to remember that obama proposed a major reform of the
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national security agency and its surveillance programs, and then what he proposed or what he ordered in march were really only minor changes with the only significant change to the surveillance work being that not the nsa will store the massive amount of metadata that is being collected at the telephone companies themselves. i believe this could be a way out of it, but we must see what lies ahead. >> briefly, if you could, there is a double standard here. the u.s. justice department last month issued indictments against white chinese cyber spies, but it is unwilling to look at its own spying situation in the same way. >> that is certainly hypocritical, so to say, but i believe the sense of hypocrisy is only possible because the international outrage that began one year ago has really sort of died down, it seems. i mean, the rhythm of disclosures has slowed.
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they are not as spectacular anymore. in the u.s. media, it seems, the topic has almost died out or just sparks up every now and then. even during merkel's visited washington, it seems that the two were pretty much aligned when merkel said that there were only some differences to join the u.s. and germany in regards to spying. i believe the international criticism has slowed off a little bit, and maybe that is giving the obama administration a little bit of room for leverage. >> thanks for those insights. >> in some other news, a massive manhunt is under way in canada after a gunman killed three police officers and wounded two others. >> the shooting occurred in the eastern province of new brunswick. residents saw the gunman and alarmed police. the shooter then when fire on the officers. authorities are urging people to remain indoors and locked the doors. israel has given the final go-ahead to build about 1500 new
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homes and jewish settlements on palestinian land. >> this move has triggered sharp international criticism and deepened a rift between israel and its western allies. >> israel's move is in reaction to the world embrace of the new palestinian unity government. israel's housing minister said the new construction was "just the beginning." >> israeli settlement homes as far as the eye can see, and diggers here in the west bank are soon to begin work on the foundations for over 1000 new homes, along with 400 more in east jerusalem. israel says it is a legitimate response to the inclusion of hamas and the palestinian unity government. palestinians say it is a provocation. >> israel is carrying out a complete settlement expansion plan in order to kill the two state solution and to destroy the ability to create a palestinian state. >> the new palestinian unity government is appealing to the
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united nations to intervene. tensions are high on both sides of the divide, and the west bank city of ramallah, angry palestinian protesters clashed with israeli soldiers who fired stun grenades. the protesters were marking the day of the setback. it marks the six-day war in 1967 when israel seized control of the west bank and east euro solum. >> adored -- east jerusalem. >> authorities in kenya have seized elephant tusks and a port city. they were found in a warehouse. they were said to be intended for export. >> last year, poachers killed about 400 elephants and 30 rhinos in canyon national parks. one of the world's best-known critics of the digital age has been awarded a prestigious german book prize for his role in exploring the risks that internet technologies posta
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human freedom. -- pose to human freedom. >>lanier's books are hailed as a call to equip the universe. >> who owns digital data? that is one of the big questions of our times, and when the news -- one that gives lanier cost to worry. he calls for better measures to protect privacy. >> he teaches us that we have to be on guard, that we have to pay attention when we are online, that we should not leave too many traces, and we should be suspicious of the internet. >> lanier is the first internet pioneer to be honored with the
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peace prize awarded by germany's booksellers. he is credited with popularizing the term "virtual reality." for years, he has been warning about the dangers of letting companies like facebook and google to gather data about internet users. >> the first thing to understand about it is that it is statistical, so if you gather a bunch of information about the world, you can analyze that and then do addictions. you can predict what the most effective way is to manipulate somebody. >> he will receive the 25,000 euro prize during the frankfurt au pair and october. -- book fair in october. >> the first romanian woman has reached the french open final in 34 years. >> she will face russia's maria sharapova.
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>> ok, soccer now. with just a week to go into the big kick off in brazil, we continue our countdown series by taking a look at japan. >> this is going to be the team's fifth appearance at the world cup finals, and expectations are higher than ever. >> fans hope that japan's italian coach in a squad that includes a host of players from europe's top leagues can spring a surprise and go far in brazil. >> two players from japan's national team have always been a tough test. they faced off against a team of 55 children and won. it's being seen as a good omen ahead of the world cup. >> if we manage to take a vantage of our strengths, we can beat anybody -- if we manage to take advantage of our strengths. >> the country is expecting big things from the men's squad. thousands have been cheering on
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their world cup team. >> i hope this team will be the pride of japan. >> the squad's nickname is the blue samurai. the best performance in a world cup tournament to date has been making it to the last 16. alberto zachary is expected to change that. the experienced coach has been training the team for four years now. three years ago, he let japan to the asian championship, and last year, this team was the first to qualify for the world cup. >> we now work together as a team. we moved like one body, and i want to score goals as part of this body. >> another of japan's top players also picked up
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experience in germany. he now plays for manchester united. 11 members of japan's national team also compete in europe's top leagues. >> to pan has always had the image of being a small and weak team, but now many japanese players in europe are proof that the japanese can play a good game anywhere. >> numerous fans came to see their team off to brazil. now the players have to prove that they can be the first to take japan to the quarterfinals. >> at the big challenge. it's going to be fun to watch the blue samurai put on their moves in brazil. >> absolutely. definitely one of my favorite teams to watch. >> see you again at the top of the hour. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> we begin with event earlier in brussels where leaders of the g7 nations are prepared to impose further sanctions on moscow over the destabilization of ukraine. condemnedeting russians actions in ukraine. dining tonightis withnc


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